There is progress on the vest! I like how the pearls are working on this. I'm using size 15 beading needles for the little 2mm freshwater pearls. and for the rest of the embroidery, I'm mostly using size 12 quilting needles. It's a lot of fun.

Beetle wing added.

This is the first of many beetle wings to go on the vest. I'm cutting them into smaller pieces and sanding the edges to shape. After the sanding, I use a teeny-tiny drill to make some holes to stitch it down.

If I wanted the effect, I could gently steam them, and gently flatten them out a bit.

It's been a while

Hello, it's been a while (a long while) since I've updated what's going on with my projects. I'm going to be posting more regularly. I think that writing out what I'm doing may help me to think more clearly about what I'm doing.

So, the current big project is an embroidered vest. The theme for it is "Ripples" and I'm using couched gold threads for the actual ripples, which I think will give a flat, more reflective area on the vest. Around that I'm doing a kind of marbelized effect, with chain, split and outline stitch.

This is the first of three panels (left, right and back) when this layer is done, I may be adding 3 dimensional fish, or leaves and flowers, I'm not sure yet.

For now, Ciao!

Text art 1 is done!

The first, of twelve, pieces of text/calligraphy art, is done! It took about 100 hours and is currently at Rowland's getting mounted, matted, and shrink wrapped. (I'll get it framed later, once I find out if I successfully get juried for the League of NH Craftsmen, in calligraphy) This week, I'll be finishing up some embroidery pieces, and get those out as well.
(for those that are curious about the text, it's the Psalms, in Latin, chapters 1-56)

Liberace variations

I decided I needed to have a whimsey project to go with the serious projects I'm working on. So I went to pictures of Liberace for inspiration (as one does)
And here's what I've come up with so far, it still needs more bling, and pearls, and beads, and bling, and three dimensional elements, and bling, and did I mention it needs more bling? I'm currently at 8 hours of stitching, and this has been a ton of fun.
The weather is lovely outside, so go have some fun!

And the internet is back again! Woot!

Hello folks! Here's the 19 hour update on the brooch, I'm really enjoying this piece.

As a design comment, I'm doing four layers of color around the border. It starts with a very dark grey, goes to a brilliant blue, then to a medium grey, and finally an inner edge of very dark grey again. I want there to be just flecks of the middle two colors, as if it's representing smoke and flame (without being blatant with orange)and I'm really happy with it. Also the reason for bringing three of the layers right to the inner edge is so that there's an obviously shadow line on the inner edge. There will still be a wrapped cord innermost border, but I want there to be an edge next to it. And stitching that deep will give me the shadow I want.

I still haven't figured out the layout of pearls, or possibly opal, but that will come when the border is finished.

Until later, have a wonderful day.

Rhapsody in blue I

Hello folks!
I've started a new brooch, that'll be part of a series. I like working in series, as it lets me explore a number of ideas within a set of constraints.
In this one, I'm playing with the color blue, texture, and layers.
Happy stitching to everyone!