Liberace variations

I decided I needed to have a whimsey project to go with the serious projects I'm working on. So I went to pictures of Liberace for inspiration (as one does)
And here's what I've come up with so far, it still needs more bling, and pearls, and beads, and bling, and three dimensional elements, and bling, and did I mention it needs more bling? I'm currently at 8 hours of stitching, and this has been a ton of fun.
The weather is lovely outside, so go have some fun!

And the internet is back again! Woot!

Hello folks! Here's the 19 hour update on the brooch, I'm really enjoying this piece.

As a design comment, I'm doing four layers of color around the border. It starts with a very dark grey, goes to a brilliant blue, then to a medium grey, and finally an inner edge of very dark grey again. I want there to be just flecks of the middle two colors, as if it's representing smoke and flame (without being blatant with orange)and I'm really happy with it. Also the reason for bringing three of the layers right to the inner edge is so that there's an obviously shadow line on the inner edge. There will still be a wrapped cord innermost border, but I want there to be an edge next to it. And stitching that deep will give me the shadow I want.

I still haven't figured out the layout of pearls, or possibly opal, but that will come when the border is finished.

Until later, have a wonderful day.

What I've been working on.

 This is the current art project, it's about 18 inches by 30 inches. I'm working on paper that I've treated heavily with gesso. The first layer of text is done with graphite (a no-wood pencil) then I hit it up with matte medium to give it a look similar to ivory and the white layer of text is gesso because I love the effect it has in the light.
 Here's a closeup, if you're curious. Oh the text is the Psalms, in Latin.
 I'm also working on a bead-embroidered bracelet. 

As always, click on the pictures for enlargements.