Daily sketch

Today's turned out pretty well. The gold gel pen moves with the watercolor brush, more than I thought it would. It's made an interesting, obscuring, layer of sparkle. The text is one of the psalms in latin.

I was debating if it needed some true white highlights.  

This is an idea I'll be revisiting. 



Text art 1 is done!

The first, of twelve, pieces of text/calligraphy art, is done! It took about 100 hours and is currently at Rowland's getting mounted, matted, and shrink wrapped. (I'll get it framed later, once I find out if I successfully get juried for the League of NH Craftsmen, in calligraphy) This week, I'll be finishing up some embroidery pieces, and get those out as well.
(for those that are curious about the text, it's the Psalms, in Latin, chapters 1-56)