The Or Nué "Pelican in its piety" is finished!
Essential information
150 hours of stitching
40-45 stitches per linear inch
26 rows per inch
6 1/8"x4 1/2" (15.6 cm x 11.3 cm)
Thread: 2 strands Sulky rayon
Gold: DMC 2 strands
Now to get started on the next ones.

Almost done!

The end is in sight! I *think* it will be done by Saturday (or on Saturday)

For those who like statistics. ... There are 25 to 27 rows per inch. And there are about 45 stitches per inch.  And, also, I've done a little over 100 hours of stitching.


There is progress on the vest! I like how the pearls are working on this. I'm using size 15 beading needles for the little 2mm freshwater pearls. and for the rest of the embroidery, I'm mostly using size 12 quilting needles. It's a lot of fun.

Happy Monday!

This weekend I started a largish piece of lace for a large project. The spine of the lace is nearly done.

I prefer to work on 2 or 3 projects at the same time. That way, if I get stuck I have something else to work on, while I figure out a solution.

Happy stitching!