And the internet is back again! Woot!

Hello folks! Here's the 19 hour update on the brooch, I'm really enjoying this piece.

As a design comment, I'm doing four layers of color around the border. It starts with a very dark grey, goes to a brilliant blue, then to a medium grey, and finally an inner edge of very dark grey again. I want there to be just flecks of the middle two colors, as if it's representing smoke and flame (without being blatant with orange)and I'm really happy with it. Also the reason for bringing three of the layers right to the inner edge is so that there's an obviously shadow line on the inner edge. There will still be a wrapped cord innermost border, but I want there to be an edge next to it. And stitching that deep will give me the shadow I want.

I still haven't figured out the layout of pearls, or possibly opal, but that will come when the border is finished.

Until later, have a wonderful day.

I'm back!

Hi Folks, I'm, once again, attempting to post more regularly. So, unless it's raining (I carry my computer to the studio) I'll be posting on Monday, Wed, and Fri. If it's raining, there might be a quickie posting via the cell-phone-thingie.

So here's one of the projects that I'm working on... (click to enbiggen)
Once again, I'm trying to work on a necklace, this time it's going a lot smoother.
The technique I'm doing is wrapped cord. I'm using basic no.10 crochet cotton, wrapped with two strands of  Sulky rayon thread. I take two whips around the cord, plunge the needle and then back up, to take two more wraps, and then just keep going.
 I like to keep the cord on a needle to make it easier to plunge behind the embroidery.
The numbers in the circles are the order of work. It should make more sense when there's more done. Okay then folks, I'll see you in a couple days.

Happy stitching!