I, and you, can find inspiration anywhere. Sometimes it's good to step back, look at an inspirational object, and try and figure out why  it's inspirational. 

I bumped into this artist's work via Pinterest, and there's so much there that's simply wonderful. This one though, jumped out and grabbed my attention. So breaking it down.  

  • That blue is amazing! It evokes marbelized paper and fabric to me (this is a constant interest of mine.) It also resembles maps of the ocean, or patterns of currents. All of these are things that will grab my attention. 
  • The little streaks of bright red that are sprinkled in the blue, it's like looking through a moving or cracked surface. This is an effect that I regularly try to capture in my work. I feel that art should have a sense of mystery, that there's more beyond what you see on the surface. 
  • Moving to the larger yellow ochre and red shapes. They resemble islands on a map, or some hidden part of the ocean on a map. Obviously, if you look at my current work, that's going to jump right out at me. 
  • Emotionally I see this as a cheerful image. You can see the artist's joy and concentration in the whole piece. I would bet that he fell completely into a flow state as he was working on this.  
  • And finally, the beautiful detail of the tiny white dots. There's just layer after layer of detail, or visual information. There's much to learn just by closely observing Kurun Warun's work.  

I'll do other posts like this one and I'll incorporate how I work that inspiration into my work with the needle.  

Back to the stitching!