I get asked if I listen to music while I'm working, or if I prefer silence. Those that ask that don't know me. In my studio I always have music on, and I'm usually singing along with it. It gives me a great rhythm to work to and I can always find something that suits my mood, or helps me to change it. 

I use Spotify for most of my music needs. I love the ability to make my own mixes, to be my own DJ. This has been my go-to mix for a while now. I do add new things to it, and remove things that don't help with the stitching. I also adore Janelle Monae and Grimes . I have other good mixes, that I'll share in other posts. Or check out my profile and see what you like over there.

I use Pandora for finding new music, they're spectacular at giving me stuff that's new, that appeals to the same tastes as my older stuff. I try not to upvote or downvote too much. When I do that everything seems to drift to Moby. (I do really like Moby. It's disconcerting, though, when a station that starts with Peter Murphy and Sisters of Mercy starts playing "Southside" It just doesn't fit, somehow)

When I figure this blogging thing better, I'll put up a Spotify widget with what I'm currently listening to.