Projects update

Hello folks! Here's the current project status on the brooch, and a new piece of text art
The goldwork is coming along very nicely and has been a lot of fun to work. there's a small section where I'll need to add another strand of gold since too much of the white background is showing near one of the craters. It's a minor fix, and shouldn't take much time at all.

And here's the text art. The text is from Jules Verne's travel to the moon. I started with the gold layer, in Roman Rustic, then a layer of Gothic Textura, on the 60 degree offset. and finally a layer of gothic back on the straight up and down. I think this piece does need a bit of white, that may go in concentric rings, not sure yet. I'll figure this out later today.

And now for today, Happy Stitching everyone!