And the internet is back...

Hi Folks! The internet has decided to cooperate, finally. (1 am Friday morning) anyhoo...
So, I'm adding in the padding for the goldwork. This is simply Pellon craft interfacing (non-fusible and non-woven) I drew my circles on it, using a template, and fine tipped marker. And then cut them out with an exacto knife. Very simple. Stitching them down with a an easy couching stitch.

Remember in the last installment, I mentioned that I'd need to stitch from the back. On the right of the circle, you can see where I had to stitch from the back to find the edge of the design. Then I simply trimmed away the excess with a pair of embroidery scissors.

And here's the piece with most of the padding attached.

The next installment will show the goldwork, it's similar to Or Nue, done with one color, over padding.

Until then, Happy Stitching!