Organization, part two....and an experiment.

First, the experiment. I don't know why my pictures format the way they do, and that I can't get them in line with the text. Hopefully I'll figure it out in this post
edited to add: It's figured out! Woot! (and I figured out, more or less, how to fix the previous post

On to the organization

This is the "Clean Sweep" staging area for sorting stuff, it's not bad, it's in the garage and is a good way to lay everything out to actually see what's cluttering things up. I'm still trying to figure out a storage solution for the various bags I have, but that'll come. And I'm still trying to determine if I'll make baskets again, or if I should find a new home for the reeds. (So far I'm coming down on the side of yes, I will make baskets again)

And another picture of the staging area.

More will come as more is done.

Fear me, I'm violating a law of thermodynamics by reducing disorder! Woot!