Here are the before pictures of the craft space. The first picture is of the main bookcases and storage in there. I've let it get entirely too cluttered and hard to find things, this winter. The craft space is relatively unheated so it's hard to work in there.

The second picture is towards the desk area. I didn't take a picture of the table in front of it, since there wasn't room to stand. (Yes, this is a problem.) Those cabinets at the window have never been as useful as I thought they'd be. They're too tall to work on sewing, or calligraphy. And too short to work standing up. and the storage in the cabinets is too narrow to hold my sewing machine and serger. They seemed like a good idea at the time. But, they'll get a good home at my brother's place.

The third picture is just to the left of the desk, and would be the spot I'd set up a table to do calligraphy. A casual glance will give you the impression that it's slightly cluttered. A closer examination, however, will reveal the's very cluttered.

The fourth picture is of the desktop itself (minus the computer which is currently in the living room, until it warms up out there some more)