Well, the cording worked great, and the dance belt, with pearls, gold beads and silver coins, looks wonderful. That weight is also wonderful for buttonhole edging on linen handkerchiefs.

Not too much excitement here at the moment, finishing up a pillow, beaded and trimmed, for my sister-in-law. Doing some embroidery on a shirt for my brother.

Oh, some excitement. Janet Arnold's "Patterns of Fashion:The Cut and Construction of Clothes for Men and Women c1560-1620" arrived. I'm absolutely in lust with one of the doublets. It's embroidered to resemble lacing, and she gives description of how the effect was achieved on black silk satin. Hmmmm, who do I know that might have many yards of heavy black silk satin?

Okay, I'm doomed, there's no way I can get that doublet done for this year, but perhaps by next year it'll be done :)

That's all for now.