Last night I had a mad-scientist moment (tm) and realized that with fabric paint and a stencil, I might be able to transfer an embroidery pattern to black wool.

I tried it out, first, on some inexpensive cotton, a pretty red and cream check. I washed the fabric, pressed the fabric, and then got out the white fabric paint, a stencil, and a small stamping brush.

After heat setting it, my worst fears were realized, it's not a fine enough edge for what I want to do. I'll still embroider over it, in an ecru cotton. And, I'll edge the hem with a row or two of cross-stitches. It will be pretty, but it's not what I was hoping for.

Next experiment will be using a fabric pen, and hope that that stays in the lines.

On the hardanger front, I've finished the hem, and finished outlining the design in satin stitches, now for the filling lace work.

By the way, remind me next time, to trim the excess hem, *before* doing the buttonhole edge, it leaves a nice little pulled-thread-like edge.

That's all for now