Flower project

Both the new milagro, and the flower project are coming along well. The flower petals are getting backed in detached buttonhole stitch, before I add a buttonhole border. (possibly with lace picots).

I'm filling the milagro with white random stitches. (sometimes called drunken filling) I think it gives a texture and variegated sheen that suits the piece nicely.

Today will be a focus on Or Nuè.

Happy Stitching!

An experiment

Well, this experiment didn't quite work. Though I did learn from it. Cross stitch does, indeed, look better on even weave fabric. At 45 stitches per inch, mistakes show up, remarkably, clearly. And, I can stack magnification. I can use my reading glasses, with additional magnification clip-ons and use my magnifying visor. I have a focal distance of about 2 inches, but everything is clear.

I think this fabric will work well for future Or Nue projects.

(And amazingly, I realized this wasn't working, with only four hours of fussing and stitching, instead of 40)

Happy Stitching!

Embroidered milagro

This is almost done, I think I have about 6 hours of stitching left on it and it's done. I'm doing a series of small embroidered applique's for a local art show called "Love, Lust and Desire" and this just seemed to resonate with me for the theme.
I set up a Pinterest board where I've been collecting various images of different milagros. The next will be more Egyptian themed. (I also have plans for a green heart with designs from Italian manuscripts)

I'll be posting updated pictures of the vest tomorrow.