Today's Card

Today's card is the Sun. It's a card of the Major Arcana, which tells me that it's a more important reminder from the universe. The shorthand definition of the card is 'enthusiasm, playfulness, clarity, personal growth, and self-acceptance' 

This is in a very odd contrast to how I'm feeling, at least the first part. I'm kind of feeling the opposite of this. So I think part of the message is that sometimes, you need to fake it for a while until it feels real. 

It's also suggesting that I do the things that will help bring that about. To share what I'm doing with the world, and celebrate the good in things. 

I'm in a low mood but contemplating the meanings and implications of the card is bringing my state up. There's sunshine this morning, and the studio is looking pretty nice in it. I've got a relaxing mix of electronic music playing. I'll likely feel even better after I get my coffee into me. 

I think I'll embrace the card and put today to good use. I'm going to watch some videos about how to use OBS Studio to make time-lapse video, and then do the daily sketch with the cameras running. If it's any good, I'll post it later today. Maybe, even if it isn't any good, I'll post it anyway.