Hi Folks!

Well, I'm still alive. Sorry about the absence, the blog got a little lost in the shuffle when I moved. (I'm in my own apartment, and there will eventually be pictures of that as well.)

So here are the latest pieces that I've dropped off at the League of NH Craftsmen
The red minis!
These are the ones I think of as the 'red minis' They're little pieces, that are inexpensive, and were fun to do. Instead of my normal pin backing, I used a lapel pin backing (kind of like an oversized tie tack) These guys are $40 each. (My two favorites are the purple dots, and the gold with single pearl) As always, if it looks like a pearl, it is one. I found these fabulous 1-1.5mm pearls at my local bead shop. Yay, Bead It!
This one is called 'Red leaf" (because, well, it looks like a red leaf) . this was a learning experience. The central vein of the leaf is worked over padding-cords, that I tapered to either end, I also whipped it while changing colors of the thread. I have an idea for a project based on the human genome, and this proved that one idea would work. I'll be playing with this some more. The copper thread is done in raised stemstitch, which may be becoming my favorite. I'm using it a lot lately. oh, and yes, I did cap the runs of copper beads with buttonhole cups at the end. This one is running for $75. (Oh and the edging is done in flat silk. I like the effect, and will likely be doing that more often)

Blue leaf (not Brubeck) 

Blue Leaf (Brubeck
These two were inspired by music. The second one is inspired by a Dave Brubeck cover, that I remember seeing. (Since I named it that, I've gone looking for that cover without any luck whatsoever. It's entirely possible that it wasn't a Brubeck album cover, or anybody's album cover, and was something completely different like wallpaper or something. Don't be like me. Keep track of your inspiration pieces) The top one has detached-buttonhole strips cradling the rows of beads. I was sorry when I finished each one since they worked up so nicely. These guys are each $80. Oh, and as an aside, I really need to work with those colors of blue again. they take the metals I use and make them pop so nicely.

An example of the detached-buttonhole, over gold thread that I use for the back on most of my pieces. (The red minis are the only ones that don't have metal on the back, instead they have a denser stitch all in red.)

I think I've posted pictures of this one before, but I honestly can't remember. Anyways, it's called the amazon brooch because of the way that the raised area looks like a river going through the Amazon jungle. If you look at the backs of the leaves I also did a raised gold embroidery that exactly matches the raised embroidery on the front. (for anyone playing along at home, and trying to replicate that technique, I used a photocopy, traced it, flipped it over so that it would be properly reversed, hit the back with some graphite, and traced it on to the stitched backing, then stitched over that. I'm sure I'll use the technique again, but I might need therapy first) In the center of the flower are detached-buttonhole leaves, those are semi-transparent, and the wire edges can be molded in any way you like. And the very center is, of course, pearls and drizzle-stitch (Thank you Mary Corbett for doing such a fantastic tutorial)

And finally, this picture is of "Purple Holi" which is down at the League Headquarters, It's a slightly bigger piece then usual, since I wanted to use an amethyst bead in the loop. I know the quality of the picture is pretty terrible, but it was at an angle, no tripod, and through plexiglass. oy. So, the construction, in order...the base is multiple shades of purple and grey, with copper thread couched on top, then there are copper beads and very small pearls (about 2mm, give or take a smidge), there's whipped cording, and then a section of turkey stitch, which is as lovely as cut velvet.  That one is $150. (I had this one for a show they had there for holidays around the world. It was done on an extreme deadline, with a couple all-nighters in there. I was thrilled to discover that I could still do those, even though college is long in the past)

So for now, that's all. I'll post more pictures either tomorrow or Friday of the next pieces to be heading out. And I'm also working on an animated gif of the process for one of these pieces.