Hey! This is the second time in one month that I've blogged! Hi EK!.

Well, I'm diving into the waters of E-bay again. I just won an auction for a book that I've been needing for a while, and it's so hard to find it's almost mythical. And it's inspiring me to consider selling on e-bay.

I've been weeding and purging through the house and have been inspired by the show "Clean Sweep" on TLC. So I'm thinking there's stuff, books, stuff, albumns, stuff, cd's, some fabric and yarn, and maybe more stuff that I could sell on e-bay. (did I mention that there might be a lot of stuff?)

I thought, briefly, of doing up embroidered napkins, tailored to the SCA market. I'd use patterns from "Schoolhouse for the Needle" an Elizabethan pattern book. However, it doesn't look like table linens sell for very much, and I don't think it would be worth the effort just to get less than $20.

If anyone believes differently, let me know.

That's it for now.